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Digital Transformation: Using Augmented Reality to Experience Design

Brian Smale © 2017 Microsoft

The new reality of design is here, and it’s virtual. Creative imagination allows our clients to experience completed spaces in any stage of the design process. With the technology becoming faster and less expensive, it allows us to take the digital assets we are creating during the design process and evaluate them in the context of their environment.

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Neuroscience in Architecture

A demo of UC San Diego’s StarCAVE—a five-sided virtual reality room. Image courtesy of Flikr user Glenn Ricart.

Looking to Neuroscience for Solutions

With an ever-growing amount of data from various sources of research, the field of architecture is changing in response to a greater demand for solutions that will have meaningful effects on its occupants. Recently, there have been efforts to incorporate insights from the social sciences, such as behavioral and cognitive psychology, in order to better understand the impact that design has on the occupants’ actions, thoughts and feelings. It should come as no surprise then that designers recognize the potential of neuroscience to uncover how our brains perceive our surrounding environment and then elicit certain cognitive and physiological responses.

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Gensler & Trimble: Augmented Reality Enters the Design Process

Image © Gensler

We’re always looking at the horizon. We need to know what’s coming. We need to understand change as it approaches. It’s essential that we continue to evolve and be prepared to pivot so that we can adapt to the world we work in. When the technology company Trimble approached us with their Augmented Reality software for design, we’d already been discussing internally how the advanced visualization technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality would be implemented across our design ecosystem. This opportunity came at the perfect time, making tools available for us to begin building a process. With a process in place, we’re able to ensure that we have the knowledge and experience to best use this technology for ourselves and our clients as it is inevitably integrated into the everyday.

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Tech Trends of 2016: Virtual Reality, No Longer Sci-fi

Image © Gensler

Editor’s note: this blog is part of a series on 2016 tech trends.

The future is here. Virtual Reality technologies are revolutionizing industries across the spectrum, including commerce, communications, travel and education. We are living in a world where the only true limitation is our imaginations. In this week’s post, we explore how virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality will impact future workplaces and the process of designing and creating the necessary alternative work environments to support this new way of collaborating..

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A Creative Downtown L.A.: Gensler Introduces Downtown’s First Vertical Urban Creative Campus

Image © Gensler

It’s hard for many of us at Gensler Los Angeles to believe that we are about to hit our five year anniversary of moving into our offices in the heart of Downtown L.A. Being a part of the tremendous resurgence of Downtown has provided our entire team with inspiration, energy and a renewed sense of civic pride. Our presence has inspired so many of our employees to relocate, commuting on foot and on public transit, walking to client meetings and volunteering our time to make Downtown L.A. a better place.

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