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Collaboration is here to stay—Let’s deal with it

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Group work, by nature, is a messy, chaotic process for which there is no reliable template. The nature of group work changes from project to project, group to group, and at times its unpredictability can exasperate participants.

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The Coming Voice Recognition Revolution

Photo courtesy of Mashable.

"Take a letter, Miss Jones." That's a line that seemed forever relegated to mid-20th century movies and oldies radio stations. Even at the world's largest corporations today you're likely to find the C-Suite pecking out their own letters. But the recently announced iPhone 4S may be heralding in a return to the era of secretaries, but this time as digital personal assistants. The new phone includes sophisticated voice recognition technology that not only transcribes words but understands context. It can respond to questions and act on commands.

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The Danger at Our Desks

We’ve spent a lot of time on research and tools that help Gensler’s design teams create workplaces to support the way people work today. But what if the way people work today is slowly killing them? This is a developing conundrum facing Gensler and our clients, since the hazardous office activity in question is one we're likely engaged in right now: sitting at a desk, staring at a computer.

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Love and Conference Calls

Three years ago I joined a virtual team. Our client’s company had instituted a travel freeze for all employees and consultants. Together we would design and implement over 100 projects with all communication and collaboration over voicemail, email, screen shares and video conference.

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Designing for Communities of Practice

Etienne Wenger, a pioneer in the field of communities of practice once noted: “Since the beginning of history, human beings have formed communities that accumulate collective learning into social practices-communities of practice. Knowledge of an organization lives in a constellation of communities of practice each taking care of a specific aspect of the competence that the organization needs.”

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