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The Unsung Office Hero

With startling consistency, predictions of the future workplace envision open, densely populated office environments full of constant interaction, collaboration, and teamwork. In this vision of tomorrow, the cubicle and private office are extinct, and dynamic, barrier-free workplace layouts spur innovation and push employees to perform at their highest levels. That’s great if you’re an extrovert who feels comfortable spending the majority of the day interacting with colleagues, but for the estimated 25 percent* of the population who are introverts, that future workplace is a daunting prospect.

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Focus on Focus

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The places where we work have dramatically changed over the last thirty years. At the extreme, we have gone from private offices in the 60’s to open work benches that are not dissimilar to workspaces from the Industrial Revolution, a time of wrenching change, challenges and opportunities much like today. So much of this change has been driven by the need to facilitate communication, enhance collaboration and break down the silos that have paralyzed many organizations.

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Turning Your Office Fitness Center Into an Asset

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Most buildings have one, though it’s usually tucked into leftover basement space like a neglected piece of furniture. Such is the plight of corporate fitness center: Underutilized and musty smelling, they don’t tend to see much activity, and if they do, it’s hardly an enjoyable experience.

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Collaboration is here to stay—Let’s deal with it

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Group work, by nature, is a messy, chaotic process for which there is no reliable template. The nature of group work changes from project to project, group to group, and at times its unpredictability can exasperate participants.

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The Coming Voice Recognition Revolution

Photo courtesy of Mashable.

"Take a letter, Miss Jones." That's a line that seemed forever relegated to mid-20th century movies and oldies radio stations. Even at the world's largest corporations today you're likely to find the C-Suite pecking out their own letters. But the recently announced iPhone 4S may be heralding in a return to the era of secretaries, but this time as digital personal assistants. The new phone includes sophisticated voice recognition technology that not only transcribes words but understands context. It can respond to questions and act on commands.

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