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How Can the Workplace Impact Innovation?

Image © Gensler

Gensler’s U.S. Workplace Survey 2016 is the latest in a series that builds on over a decade of workplace research. We started our journey in 2005 by uncovering a link between a better designed work environment and performance. In every subsequent survey, we have tried to peel back the layers of comprehension—to understand why, and how, workplace makes an impact. Through the years, we have uncovered how people work, and we’ve found that effective workplace design links to higher business performance. In our 2013 survey, we discovered that choice drives performance and innovation. That finding really intrigued us and led to this year’s research question—how can the physical workplace environment impact innovation?

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A Creative Downtown L.A.: Gensler Introduces Downtown’s First Vertical Urban Creative Campus

Image © Gensler

It’s hard for many of us at Gensler Los Angeles to believe that we are about to hit our five year anniversary of moving into our offices in the heart of Downtown L.A. Being a part of the tremendous resurgence of Downtown has provided our entire team with inspiration, energy and a renewed sense of civic pride. Our presence has inspired so many of our employees to relocate, commuting on foot and on public transit, walking to client meetings and volunteering our time to make Downtown L.A. a better place.

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Design: A Conduit for Learning and Innovation

Image © Gensler

We are in an era of unprecedented volume of information, but information is of little value until it is distilled into useful, applicable knowledge. Distilling that information deluge takes a mindset focused on learning and exploration. Given this challenge, and the number of distractions and interruptions that occur in both the virtual and the physical work environment, we have recognized the need to consider new models of working and experimenting that more effectively support learning and knowledge transfer.

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The Future Has Arrived: World’s First 3D Printed Office is Inaugurated in Dubai

The world's first 3D printed office. Using 3D printing technology reduced labor costs by 50-80 percent and construction waste by 30-60 percent overall.

The world’s first 3D printed office, designed by Gensler, was inaugurated last week in Dubai by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Resulting from Gensler’s longstanding commitment to developing and driving the adoption of new design technologies, the 3D printed office is the world’s first example of a 3D printed structure that moves beyond prototyping to full occupancy. Architects have used 3D printing to build small study models, but the goal has been to print functional buildings at full size. Thornton Tomasetti and Syska Hennessy partnered with Gensler on the building.

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Introverts Rejoice! The Rise of the Fifth Work Mode

Cozy hideouts such as this one support an emerging work mode that's proving critical to helping workers recharge their batteries: Rejuvenate. Image © Garrett Rowland

When Gensler published the US and UK Workplace Research Studies in 2008, the findings helped quantify the power of people and place to drive profit in knowledge economy companies. The findings indicated that top-performing companies design workplaces capable of supporting all four work modes: Focus, Collaborate, Learn, and Socialize. They also found that knowledge workers are constantly shifting in and out of each of these work modes throughout the business day. Activity-based work settings, or the ability to select an environment that matches your work mode rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, has now become a widely accepted tenet of workplace design.

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