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Advanced Architectural Design and Visualization with NVIDIA Iray 

This rendering of NVIDIA’s new headquarters was produced using the company’s IRAY software. Rendering courtesy of Iray.

Visualization has been part of the architectural design process for as long as architects and designers have been putting pencil to tracing paper. And as building design has evolved, so have the tools used to create and render everything architects and designers conceive of. But they have not evolved in lockstep. Even now, the most advanced digital rendering software provides only an approximation of the look and feel of a space. Critical aspects of contemporary designs—for example accurately simulating how form, light, and materials will interact in a space—hasn’t been widely possible. Until now.

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Gensler Launches Design Strategist Development (DSD) Program 

Image © Gensler

Three years ago, the leadership of Gensler’s Consulting practice gathered in a conference room in Washington, D.C. to discuss the issues and challenges facing our clients. Our goal was to develop strategies to help them solve pressing problems: how to deal with the recruiting wars, how to adapt in times of economic uncertainty, how to handle increasingly rapid changes in the competitive landscape and operations.

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Collaboration, Interaction and Connectivity at Illumina’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Headquarters

Illumina’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Headquarters will promote scientific innovation through better collaboration, interaction and connectivity. Rendering © Gensler

October 21, 2015 marks the groundbreaking of Illumina’s new European, Middle Eastern and Asian (EMEA) Headquarters at Granta Park in Cambridge. The new EMEA HQ will provide Illumina’s workforce with a fully collaborative and better connected workplace to help the firm achieve its vision of transforming human health.

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"The Future Will Look More Like the Past Than the Present"

Is this the future of the workplace? Source: seagate.com

Kate Stone, founder of Novalia, said this during a recent meeting in our London office, and it has since resonated with me quite a bit. Kate was talking about the ephemeral nature of technology and the way technological advancements enable humans to do more and more with less and less, and suggesting that one day technology will enable us to do everything with nothing. I think.

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HanaHaus Creates a New Stage of Work for the Creative Economy 

Palo Alto’s historic Varsity Theater is now the site of SAP’s HanaHaus. Image © Jasper Sanidad

Up and down the proverbially sunny University Avenue in Palo Alto, California, work takes place in unconventional ways and places: at cafés and restaurants, on go-to-meetings taken on smart phones. Palo Alto teems with the flexible but no less intensive work styles integral to the creative economy. And these work styles now threaten to disrupt traditional economic sectors.

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