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Next Gen Worker OR Next Gen Workplace? 

Glumac's Shanghai office. Image © Nacasa&Partners

There is an awful lot of bandwidth being taken up by the "generational debate," and a lot of this has focused on Millennials as the pampered successors of the Baby Boomers. This is a very western perspective, as Asian countries don't have a “Baby Boomer Generation” per se. So while it may be important to understand what makes the 75 million or so Millennials in the U.S. tick, what about the 218 million young adults in China (and that's only the "10 year cohort" born from 1980-1990, sometimes referred to as ‘Deng's Children’), or the staggering 426 million Millennials in India? See more here.

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Why Work in the Office When We Have the City

Image © Gensler

“I don't want to be in the suburbs. I want to be in the City. That’s where the girls are and the action and the fun!”

This is how Art Gensler introduced Gensler’s Work in the City panel discussion event during the London Festival of Architecture (LFA). Art was explaining how young workers are reacting to suburban workplaces, such as those found in Silicon Valley, which are just now migrating to the urban locations within San Francisco. The shift from suburbs-to-city isn’t just limited to the technology industry or the state of California; it is being observed on a global scale. And with the perception of work in the city shifting from negative to positive (and vice versa with work in the suburbs), it is little wonder that the theme of LFA this year was “Work in Progress.”

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Let’s talk about the Workplace: It’s complicated! 

Digital nomads hold unique expectations for what workplaces should provide.

I am a digital nomad. I have traveled the world over for work, and for pleasure, and I pride myself on being not only well-traveled but good at traveling—I have a full repertoire of digital tools as well as the know-how to get and stay connected wherever I may be. In fact, I am zooming over Europe at 35,000 feet as I type this, heading home to Singapore from the U.S. Working on a plane is almost an every-day occurrence for me.

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Gensler Designed Products to Debut at Neocon 

The Tuohy WorkStyles furniture line

This week, Gensler’s Product Design practice debuted several new products at the NeoCon commercials interior show.

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Five Thoughts on the Future of Scientific Labs  

Scientific research is increasingly focusing on data collection and analytical analysis of that data, meaning the "lab of the future" will more closely resemble contemporary tech spaces. Image © Gensler

In recent years, the scientific community and affiliated professions have toyed with the idea of creating a “lab of the future.” Vendors, research organizations, and engineering and design firms have all begun to explore how contemporary scientists work within research environments and how the physical layout of labs can better support their endeavors. This process has been driven by a desire to foster more effective collaboration among scientists, increase the number of new ideas entering the pipeline, and allow for more flexibility over the life cycle of a research facility.

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