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Tech Trends of 2016: Engaging Through Art

Image © Gensler

As companies seek to define their work culture, participatory art can be used to invite employees and visitors to create their own experiences. Forward-looking companies are finding ways to use space as a lever for expressing organizational culture and values, which can be key to developing a strong brand statement and recruiting top talent.

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Five Newsroom Design Concepts Every Office Should Steal

Take a lesson from the design of a productive newsroom environment. Image © Gensler

Go to Fox News, CNN or any other newsroom and you will see lots of activity. People across functions working together to make split-second decisions. The image of the lively, sometimes hectic newsroom may sound off-putting, but there’s actually a lot that can be learned from this project type. Apply these five design ideas to make your workplace a content-producing powerhouse.

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Why Change Management Needs to Be More Like Personalized Shopping

Gensler New York created excitement for its office move by inviting employees to post to Instagram. Image © Gensler

Phrases like “proceed to checkout” and “share to Facebook” are colloquial in this internet-of-things world in which we live. With technology changing at breakneck-speed, there is an inherent expectation that everything is both instant and customizable. Everyone from retailers to news outlets to your local coffee shop are “creating experiences” tailored to the customer. So if your favorite retailer can address questions in real time via social media, then why can’t a company do the same for its employees when going through a major change like a move or policy update? The answer is: It can, and it should.

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Post-Brexit: Will Financial Services Firms Leave London?

London’s financial districts provide London’s financial services firms with an ecosystem like no other, but could this now be under threat?

Editor's Note: This post is part of a series on the state of the financial services industry.

Over the weekend it was widely reported that Brexit could mean the end of the city’s financial district as we know it. Whispers by top industry representatives even warned that banks could start leaving London before Christmas as the industry struggles to adjust to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit more than any other sector of the economy, both in the degree of its effect and implications. London has long been seen as the epicentre of the financial market in Europe. But rising real estate costs have led companies to move outside the Capital. With the recent Brexit vote causing many firms to have their hands ‘quivering over the relocate button’, is it likely that this spread will continue to secondary cities like Birmingham? Or will companies establish a stronger presence in Mainland Europe?

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Designing a Campus to Drive a Culture of Innovation

Confidential Financial Services Firm, Photography by Christopher Barrett, Image © Gensler

This post is part of a series of blog posts on Gensler’s 2016 Workplace Surveys.

Innovation—be it disruptive, transformative, groundbreaking, radical, revolutionary, incremental, ad hoc, or just by itself—the word is everywhere today. So ubiquitous is its use that many people argue it doesn’t really mean anything anymore; a Harvard Business Review article suggests that we should retire the term altogether

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